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A Reason for Hope

Cancer research at the University of Michigan, led by the Translational Oncology Program (TOP), holds the promise to significantly change the field of cancer research. The team is attacking the disease on several fronts:
  • Identifying and characterizing new molecular targets
  • Validating these targets in cell cultures and in animal models
  • Developing of new drugs to hit these targets
  • Testing these new drugs in clinical trials

The University of Michigan is already one of the leading institutions in the world in a number of areas of basic cancer research and drug discovery. The TOP program provides a unique opportunity to translate these important discoveries into clinical advancements that will significantly improve the way cancer is diagnosed and treated.

This work gives cancer patients hope as they face down this devastating disease. Even so, rapid progress against cancer remains a great challenge- primarily because of the recent government cuts in research funding. That means private funding is critical if groundbreaking research at U-M is to fast track to improved ability for early diagnosis and more effective treatments.

Mark Day and members of his lab
Mark Day, PhD. and members of his research team.

A New Model for Progress

The University of Michigan Health System has established the Translational Oncology Program (TOP), whose main focus is cancer research. Investments in The Translational Oncology Program (TOP) are critical to spur progress on what has been an intractable disease.

To make a gift, please contact

Wendy Miller | Gift Funds Financial Coordinator
Office of Medical Development and Alumni Relations
1000 Oakbrook Drive, Suite 100 | Ann Arbor, MI | 48104
office: 734.763.1639 | fax: 734.998.8826 |

Priority Investments

A Legacy:
Giving a donation to the University of Michigan Translational Oncology Program represents a unique opportunity to help lead the way toward highly innovative research being done at the University of Michigan. Experts spread across several fields of study work together within the Program to force significant progress against cancer and combat this deadly disease. The chance to provide a donation to the program is the chance to leave a remarkable and lasting legacy in moving us down the path to put an end to cancer.

An Endowed Research Fund:

This lasting discovery investment will provide much-needed seed funding for basic and translational research in cancer. These funds will be dispersed by a committee to the highest priority research, helping scientists make the most vital and ground-breaking discoveries.

TOP Professorship:

While the University of Michigan already is home to world-class cancer researchers, attracting new and talented scientists is a key component in maintaining this level of work. This fund will support recruitment both of up-and-coming researchers and of the highest level of established experts in the field.

TOP Cancer Research Fellowship:

These funds will be used to help support promising trainees to entice them to train in the area of cancer research and to help conduct scientific studies in important areas of study.

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