Patient and Family Support Services Program

Helping You and Your Family Adjust to Life with Cancer

Providing the right support for cancer patients and their families starts with treating them like a part of our own family. That's the commitment of the Patient and Family Support Services Program.

Just as we pursue a multidisciplinary approach when treating cancer, we take the same approach when supporting patients during treatment. That means a patient's support team includes not only the finest doctors and nurses, but cancer specialists in psychology, social work, art therapy, nutrition, finance and countless other areas. This support is fully integrated into the patient's treatment plan because we know that cancer afflicts not only the organs of the body, but the whole person and the whole family.

Helpful Phone Numbers

  • Cancer AnswerLine™
  • Adult Social Work Staff: 800-888-9825
  • Ann Arbor Transportation Authority: 734-996-0400
  • Complementary Therapies Program: 877-907-0859
  • Financial Services:
  • Guest Assistance Program 800-888-9825
  • Grief and Loss Program 877-907-0859
  • Lifeline discounted Phone Services: 800-621-8650
  • Look Good Feel Better: 800-888-9825
  • Meal Financial Assistance: 800-888-9825
  • Med Inn:
  • Nutrition Services: 877-907-0859
  • Pastoral Care / Hospital Chaplain:
  • Patient Education Resource Center: 734-647-8626
  • Patient and Family Support Services:

Many of the services and programs offered by Patient Support Services come at low- or no-cost to our patients, thanks to generous donations. Learn how you can help by visiting our Make a Gift webpage.

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updated 06.2013