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New Clinical Director Named for U-M Breast Cancer Program

The Cancer Center is pleased to announce the appointment of Daniel F. Hayes, M.D., as the new clinical director of the Breast Oncology Program.

Dr. Hayes, who also serves as a professor in the Department of Internal Medicine of the U-M Medical School, will be responsible for directing clinical services and overseeing the translation of basic breast cancer research into clinical trials. He comes to the U-M from Georgetown University.

Specifically, Dr. Hayes will focus the program's efforts on:

  • further integrating scientific endeavors within the Breast Oncology Program, which receives one of the nation's highest levels of government funding for breast cancer research;
  • increasing collaborations with the Department of Radiology to enhance screening and monitoring of breast cancer patients;
  • developing new techniques for cancer screening and chemoprevention (e.g., ductal lavage)
  • continued research aimed at gene identification and care of women at high risk of developing breast cancer;
  • developing innovative clinical trials aimed at improving primary and systemic treatments for newly diagnosed patients (e.g. cryoablation);
  • testing new drugs for advanced breast cancer
  • Ductal lavage is a 2ay to collect and analyze cells from inside the milk ducts where most breast cancers begin.
    identifying molecular targets for breast cancer and developing novel compounds to test against them; and
  • addressing quality of life issues for survivors (e.g. antidepressants for hot flashes).

"Dr. Hayes is one the leading experts in developing new treatments for breast cancer patients based on the translation of laboratory science into the clinic," says Max S. Wicha, M.D., Cancer Center director and Distinguished Professor of Oncology. "We are delighted to have been able to attract him to Michigan to lead our efforts in this area, helping to further develop what is now one of the strongest breast cancer programs in the nation."

To read more about Dr. Hayes, read our press release about him.


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