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Cancer is a Journey: Are You a Guide?

"I found it hard to read during chemotherapy"

"I brought a tape-recorder to all of my doctor visits"

"A small cooler with soda and snacks came in handy during long treatment days"

"We created a family communication tree"

From the time of diagnosis, throughout treatment and beyond, cancer patients and their family members amass a wealth of information and devise unique coping skills to help them adjust to the many changes and challenges cancer brings.


"These tips and 'how-to's' can be invaluable to patients and families who are just starting their own cancer journey," says Karen Hammelef, R.N., M.S., C.S., director, Cancer Center Patient Support Services. "Most patients want to learn from other survivors but often can't connect with them to get their sage advice - until now!"

This year, the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center plans to publish the inaugural edition of a "Patient-to-Patient" newsletter. The creation of this newsletter will require patients, families and friends to provide insight and advice on such topics as:

  • ways to cope and adjust
  • school and work issues
  • how to talk to family members o managing and preventing symptoms
  • using humor, relaxation, art, music or other integrative activities
  • preparing for treatment

The editorial board of this newsletter is being formed. If you have been through a cancer experience and are willing to share your talents as a writer, graphic designer, illustrator, consultant, idea generator, reviewer, etc, please consider volunteering. Volunteers will represent a variety of ages and degrees of talent and experience, but all will gain a sense of camaraderie in producing a guide that will give insight to those who follow in their footsteps.


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