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Instructor Makes Exercise Fun!

Everyone smiles when Evie walks into the exercise room Tuesday afternoons at 5 p.m. and makes one of her perky quips. Trained in Chicago by movement therapist Anne Rudolph, Evie Lichter knows how to make everyone feel safe and cared for in the Gentle Movement class she teaches each week as part of the Healing Arts Program.

"She brings wisdom and experience to the exercise and helps cancer patients restore strength, energy and body comfort,"says Suzanne Mahler, director, Cancer Center Healing Arts Program. "Emphasis is on stretching and lengthening the spine so that at the end of an hour, you feel as if you're walking taller and moving with a new ease in your body." Exercise plays an important role in helping patients tolerate cancer treatment by improving body strength and raising energy level.

Exercise also provides real benefits to patients during treatment and post-treatment. Studies have documented improvement in anxiety, depression, physical performance and quality of life in cancer patients who exercise.

"I feel so much better after class," says Coralie Dirlam. "Gentle Movement has helped reduce my stress as well as toned and strengthened my body after breast cancer." Rita Charles states, "I appreciate the sensitivity to each person's specific condition, and the stretching really helps my body feel better. I wish we had class twice a week."

Besides volunteering for the Healing Arts Program, Evie is very active in the community. She has volunteered with area hospice organizations and Planned Parenthood, and served as campaign chair and then president of the Jewish Federation. She was the catalyst for bringing the Women's Sedar to Ann Arbor. Evie is currently the chair of Eastern Michigan University Hillel. You may also have heard of or seen her gorgeous gardens, featured on the Ann Arbor City Garden Tour, and developed and maintained with her husband Allen.

The Healing Arts Program offers workshops, educational seminars and classes to enhance the health and well-being of cancer patients, families and staff. In addition to exercise, music, art therapy, journaling, guided imagery and meditation are included in the program. The fall listing of events is not yet available online, but check back in August, 2001.

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