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Center Partners With Weight Watchers

Florine Mark, president and CEO of Weight Watchers Group, the largest franchise of Weight Watchers International, Inc., is working with the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center to raise awareness among her more than 70,000 members about cancer prevention.

Written by Cancer Center experts and produced by Weight Watchers, the series of educational articles called "Your Health... from the inside out," focuses on the topics of skin, colorectal, breast and gynecologic cancers.

"These are very important areas of health research that Weight Watchers is excited to be a part of," says Florine Mark. "We have extensive contact with many people, through our many centers, and this provides us an excellent opportunity to get this helpful information to as many people as possible."

The articles, which will be distributed at Weight Watchers meeting sites throughout the summer and fall, offer the latest information on cancer risk, early warning signs and screening recommendations.

"Cancer Center physicians are continually working on new ways to prevent, detect and treat all types of cancer," says Max S. Wicha, M.D., director. "But everyone has the power to fight cancer by living a healthy lifestyle and getting regular cancer screening checkups.

"We're so pleased to be working with Weight Watchers to deliver this important information to their members throughout the United States," he says.

Weight Watchers Fact Sheets:
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