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Coach Carr Fund to Benefit Patients and Families Well into the 21st Century

Family members caring for loved ones with cancer can now participate in a new program that not only teaches skills for at-home medical care but also ways to cope with the associated stress - all thanks to the generous contributions of U-M Head Football Coach Lloyd Carr and his family and friends.

Lloyd and Laurie Carr established the Coach Carr Cancer Fund in 1998, when he donated funds received from a speaking engagement to the U-M Cancer Center. After the engagement, it was suggested that Coach Carr partner with the Cancer Center to begin a fund for patient care programs in memory of Coach Carr's mother, Pauline, who died of breast cancer.

"Teaming up with the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center was a natural extension and an opportunity to help the Center continue with its history of excellence in patient care well into the 21st century," says Coach Lloyd Carr.

To that end, the Carr Fund has now become an endowed fund at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center. Funds raised are deposited into a protected account, and the ever-growing interest will be directed back to a variety of patient programs.

In addition to private contributions to support the Fund, Coach Carr and the Wolverine Coaching staff also organize an annual Michigan Football Women's Academy. Held each June, the Academy is the primary fund-raiser for the Coach Carr Cancer Fund. But it has another purpose as well.

It has been Coach Carr's experience that women, and especially mothers, are reluctant to have their sons play football because they are worried about serious injuries. Coach Carr believes it's important to educate women about the positive aspects of the game: teamwork, a good work ethic, sportsmanship, leadership and responsibility. Men have the opportunity during their youth to play football on organized school sponsored teams. One of the reasons the Academy is for women only is to provide them with a hands-on, safe opportunity to experience the game of football.

Another exciting and interesting development for the Carr Fund is the creation of a web site. Located at www.coachcarrfund.org, the interactive site was designed and developed by two friends of the Carr Fund, David Shevsky and Tom Shaheen. Both David and Tom have been avid Michigan fans for more than 30 years, and Tom is a graduate of U-M. David was diagnosed with testicular cancer in August of 1999, just three weeks after his nephew was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease. David's wife Colleen sent Coach Carr a letter explaining the circumstances of both David and Michael. Coach Carr was very gracious to both David and Michael, and David was determined to beat cancer and do something to help with the Carr Fund. David wrote to Coach Carr explaining his idea of the web site and was encouraged to go forward. David then solicited the help of his best friend Tom (who is the technical expert and owns a company that designs web sites and provides computer consulting services) to develop and build the site. Designed to promote awareness about the Carr Fund and the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center, the site allows visitors to learn more about the Carr Fund, including the mission of the fund and why Lloyd and Laurie Carr are personally involved.

All donations to the Coach Carr Cancer Fund go directly to benefit the apatient care programs at the U-M Cancer Center. The Fund does not have any paid staff but instead relies on employees of the Cancer Center and volunteers who share Lloyd and Laurie Carr's core beliefs.

For more information on how you can help, please visit the new web site or call 800-865-1125.


Lloyd and Laurie Carr established the Coach Carr Cancer Fund in 1998.

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