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Center Offers Opportunity to Explore Healing Arts

New workshop topics include yoga, acupuncture and herbal remedies

At the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center, we understand that it is essential to offer treatment protocols that include ways to enhance quality of life as well as eradicate disease.

We are now offering experiential workshops on acupuncture, massage, meditation, herbs, yoga and many other healing arts. We provide these arts side-by-side with our conventional treatments to allow patients to regain the sense of "control" that is often lost with a cancer diagnosis.

A Healing Arts Advisory Program task force has been established that consists of representatives from each of the teams in the Cancer Center. Its mission is to complete the circle of care by integrating mind/body support with conventional medical treatment in the Center. Based on feedback from patients and other research, the task force is offering stress management support through yoga and guided imagery, body-based healing through massage and acupuncture, and self-nurturing activities such as journaling. In addition, social support and spiritual support opportunities are available. The task force is exploring a research program with the University of Michigan Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research Center.

All workshops, lectures, interactive displays and discussion groups are free and open to all patients and caregivers, including Cancer Center staff.

We encourage participation in all of the programs offered throughout the year. We offer programs during the day, in the evening and on weekends in order to accommodate busy schedules and travel distances.

If you attend five sessions, you are eligible for a special gift. Punch cards are available at each scheduled session.

By offering opportunities for patients to integrate complementary methods into their lives, our hope is that patients will actively participate in their care plans and experience a sense of renewed energy.

The Healing Arts Program is funded entirely through gifts. If you are interested in supporting this effort, you can learn more on-line, or contact (800) 865-1125.

More options than ever before are available to help physicians diagnose breast cancer, and the trend has been to use less invasive measures for the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.


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