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Book Donation

Stephanie Gould donated books to the Cancer Center

Stephanie Gould, an 8th grade student at Warner Middle School in Farmington Hills, donated more than 200 new books to the Pediatric Infusion area of the Cancer Center. Her gift was a part of her Mitzvah project, a service project that often accompanies a Bat Mitzvah. Stephanie's mother, Laura, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and renal cell cancer in November 1997. She was treated at the U-M for eight months, finishing treatment in June 1998. "Each time we would comeback from infusion treatments, we would talk about how hard it was [going through treatments] and especially how hard it was for the kids," says Dean Gould, Stephanie's father. "We said if they could make it through this, than certainly we can." The book donation was one of several Mitzvah projects for Stephanie, who also volunteered at several nursery schools and at a day camp. Stephanie says, "I wanted to do something for the children [at the Cancer Center], after knowing what my mom went through." The first day the books were available a young boy was celebrating his last day of treatment and excitedly picked out a book to take home with him!


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