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Petersen Gift to Further Genetic Research at Cancer Center

Jody and Donald Petersen

Longtime supporters of organizations providing cancer research and treatment, Jody and Donald Petersen of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan have made a substantial gift to the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center that will be used to support the work of a leading biomedical scholar on a permanent basis.

Recognizing the promise that laboratory investigations involving genetic links has brought, the Petersen's goal is to ensure that resources are available to augment medical science's understanding of cancer and its hereditary and environmental causes. Attracting the world's pre-eminent cancer researchers is just one of the challenges every cancer research facility faces. Thanks to the creation of the Donald E. and Jo Anne Petersen Fund, the Cancer Center will be better poised to bring superior scientists to the Center and move forward in understanding the genetic links to this disease. A portion of their gift will be used to recruit a biomedical investigator immediately, while the endowed balance will continually fuel laboratory efforts.

Donald Petersen is the former Chairman and CEO of Ford Motor Company. Jody Petersen, herself a breast cancer survivor, has joined with her husband to fund other efforts to provide education to cancer patients. We are fortunate to have their generous partnership.


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