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Volunteer Spotlight: Center Creates Volunteer Guild

This is a busy place, and it's so nice to have a smiling face help out.

So often patients ending their active treatment at the Center ask what they can do to "give back." They want to thank the doctors and staff who helped them along on their cancer journey, and they want to share their experience with other patients and families. These post-treatment patients along with other members of the community, can now join the Cancer Center Volunteer Guild and team up with employees to provide the best patient service possible.

There are many volunteer opportunities, and volunteers are placed and trained for assignments that best use their strengths and talents. Some Center teams require clerical assistance, while others need help with patient services. Volunteers are needed at reception areas to greet and direct visitors. Care ambassadors are in demand to provide information and help patients navigate through their care. Some people volunteer in the pediatric and adult infusion areas, and others complete training as peer counselors.

Volunteers are always needed to help with events. Volunteers are highly respected and treasured. "We depend on our volunteers," says Teresa Logerquist, interim clinic coordinator for Team 4. "This is a busy place, and it's so nice to have a smiling face help out." On the other side of the coin, volunteers feel good about giving of themselves and helping others. "It makes me feel like I really accomplished something with my day," says Pat Cooke, Care Ambassador.

The Cancer Center Volunteer Advisory Board consists of Suzanne Mahler, Marcy Waldinger, Karen Hammelef, Janet Goldberg, Ely Kuo and Mary McCully.

To volunteer or for more information, contact Mary McCully at 734-936-8307.

Speak with a Cancer nurse: 1-800-865-1125
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