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James Montie, M.D., Appointed Head of the Urology Section at the University of Michigan Health System - 1997

U-M Researchers Receive Grant to Study Cancer Survivorship - 1997

National Report Card Shows Progress in the Fight Against Cancer - March 11, 1997

Cancer Survivors Invited to Voice Concerns at Town Hall Meeting - May 1997

Specialized Software Hunts for Damaged DNA - June 9, 1997

Mid-Michigan Girl Undergoes Rare Bone Marrow Transplant - July 1, 1997

U-M Researcher Kicks off Cutting Edge Gene Therapy Trial Aimed at Finding Vaccine to Fight Prostate Cancer - July 15, 1997

Redman Joins U-M Cancer Center to Head Clinical Trials Effort - August 4, 1997

President of Association of American Cancer Institutes Says Plan Would Help Move Scientific Breatkthroughs from Research Lab to the Patient - September 1997

U-M Debuts New, Highly Interactive Health Kiosks Throughout Michigan - October 13,1997

New Studies Show Advantages of Emerging Technology Used to Detect Cancer and Infections - December 3, 1997


1997 Publications

Michigan Oncology Journal, Fall 1997

Progress Fall 1997

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Success of Michigan's Mammorgraphy Quality Law has National Implications - April 8, 1998

Research Offers a New Tool in the Fight Against Advanced Prostate Cancer - May, 1998

University of Michigan Cancer Center Named as Finalist in RIT/USA TOday Quality Cup Competition - May 1, 1998

U-M Researcher Is New President of American Society of Clinical Oncology - May 22, 1998

New Radiation Procedure Targets Liver Malignancies More Precisely - May 28, 1998

Pediatric Cancer Patients Will Gather for Reunion on Saturday, June 6 - June 5, 1998

Prostate Cancer Symposium Offers Latest Information to Patients - July 1998

Nearly 200 U-M Physicians are Among the 'Best Doctors in America' - November 11, 1998

New Website Fills Need for Reliable Cancer Information - December 9, 1998

U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center Director Named to new Endowed Professorship - December 9, 1998


1998 Publications

Michigan Oncology Journal Spring, 98

Progress Spring, 98

Michigan Oncology Journal Summer, 98

Progress Summer, 98

Michigan Oncology Journal Fall, 98

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U-M and Hospice of Michigan to Lead Effort Aimed at Improving End-of-Life Care for Terminally Ill - January 11, 1999

U-M Researches Develop Vaccine with Promising Cancer-Fighting Abilities - January 19, 1999

U-M Participatin in Major Breast Cancer Prevention Trial - May 25, 1999

Skin Cancer Nearing Epidemic Rates - June, 1999

U-M and Isreal Launch Major International Cancer Study - June, 1999

A New Approach to Bone Marrow Transplant: U-M Announces Major Transplant Trial - July 19, 1999

Browsers Beware, Doctors Take Care: Study Finds Many Problems with Health Information on the Internet - July 29, 1999

U-M Combines Traditional & Complementary Approaches to Fight Prostate Cancer - September 7, 1999

U-M Scientists Find Genetic Links for Deadly Type of Breast Cancer - September 10, 1999

Tiny Proteins May Unleash Big Victories over Cancer Through New $10 Million U-M Tumor Research Effort - October 13, 1999

Scientists to Develop "Smart Bombs" that Destroy Cancer Cancer Cells - October 18, 1999

U-M Helping Smokers Enter the New Millenium as Non-Smokers - October 29, 1999

U-M Doctors Helping Pediatric Cancer Survivors Navigate Uncharted Waters - November 15, 1999

1999 Publications

Michigan Oncology Journal Spring 1999

Progress, Spring 1999

Michigan Oncology Journal Summer 1999

Progress, Summer 1999

Michigan Oncology Journal Fall 1999

Progress, Fall 1999

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Copper Lowering Drug Stabilizes Advanced Cancer in Anti-Angiogenesis Trial - January 19, 2000

Foote Hospital and Local Oncologists Affiliate with One of Nation's Top Cancer Centers - March 27, 2000

New $4.2M Research Center at U-M Seeks to See Cancer More Clearly - March 29, 2000

Colon and Rectal Treatment Guidelines for Patients - Valuable Resource Now Available From NCCN and ACS - April 17, 2000

Higher Doses of Targeted Radiation Better Than Expected for Aggressive Early Treatment of Prostate Cancer, Study Suggests - May 1, 2000

St. Josephs's, University of Michigan's Cancer Programs Sign an Affiliation Agreement - May 10, 2000

Bexxar Highly Effective as First-Line Treatment for Patients with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma - May 22, 2000

Cancer Diagnosis Takes Tough Toll on Caregivers - May 29, 2000

Oakwood Healthcare System and University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center Form Affiliation - August 1, 2000

Good News on Prostate Cancer: New Treatments Reduce Side Effects - September 12, 2000

Leading Breast Cancer Expert to Head U-M Department of Internal Medicine - September 11, 2000

Breast Reconstruction During Mastectomy Boosts Well-Being Most, Michigan-led Study Finds - October 2, 2000

Gene Found to Contribute to Deadly Form of Breast Cancer - October 18, 2000

A Lesson About Dying: Medical Students, Others to Attend and Discuss Reading of Award Winning Play "Wit!" - October 19, 2000

Radiation Therapy May be Safe After All for Women with Breast Cancer Gene Mutations - October 26, 2000

FIve U-M Medical School Faculty Elected Fellows of Largest Science Organiation - November 9 , 2000

Smithsonian's Healing Garden Quilts on Display in December at U-M Cancer Center - November 28, 2000

A Surprising, Promising New Weapon Against Common Childhood Cancer: Radioactive Compound Used for Imaging Nuroblastoma May Help Kill It, too - December 5, 2000

Diffusion MRI Shown to Give Early Signs of Cancer's Response to Treatment, May Soon Help Save Patients and Physicians Precious Time - December 20, 2000

2000 Publications

Progress, Spring 2000

Michigan Oncology Journal Spring, 2000

Progress, Summer 2000

Michigan Oncology

Progress, Fall 2000

Journal Summer, 2000


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