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Originally posted December 9, 1999


The University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center has launched an Internet site to serve the growing online community of cancer patients seeking medical information they can trust.

The website, which is located at http://www.cancer.med.umich.edu, features a wealth of information on U-M cancer research and patient care services that previously was difficult to access at home.

"We're particularly excited to offer the public access to our clinical trials database, which includes easy-to-understand descriptions of more than 100 investigational treatments for nearly every type and stage of cancer," says Max S. Wicha, M.D., breast oncologist and Cancer Center director. "Physicians in the community will find this database a valuable resource for referring their patients to Cancer Center clinical trials, many of which may not be available anywhere else."

In another section, current and prospective patients can learn about the U-M Cancer Center's history and current happenings. The "Learn About Cancer" section is full of information about specific cancers, treatments and side effects, nutrition, clinical trials and support groups. In addition, the site provides links to hundreds of cancer-related websites that have been screened and approved by U-M physicians - and which otherwise might take Internet surfers hours to find.

"Our website also allows anyone to send an e-mail message to U-M's Cancer AnswerLine™ nurses, who give personalized answers to cancer care questions and refer patients to appropriate U-M physicians," Wicha says.

Cancer Center patients will find the site's "Guide for Patients" useful. It helps them understand what they can expect during their visit, gives them phone numbers they might need, and provides maps to the U-M Health System. All of the Cancer Center's publications can be found online as well.

For health professionals, the site offers a section devoted to updates on research projects, continuing medical education opportunities, and a referral guide.

A special spot on the site promises to "Share the Hope and Humor" with patients and their families. Spearheaded by a cancer survivor, this expanding section offers inspirational stories, thoughts and images - and invites visitors to contribute their personal insights.

"We feel that our website provides a resource for cancer information," Wicha says, "that is extremely accessible, current and dynamic."


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