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originally posted 1998

Ann Arbor, MI - The National Cancer Institute has announced the first round of grants to help examine people who have survived cancer and two studies at the University of Michigan are among those receiving funding. The NCI Office of Cancer Survivorship is allocating $4 million over two years to fund 20 separate studies of people who have completed cancer treatment, are currently cancer free and have survived cancer for at least five.

In addition, the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation is providing $700,000 over two years to study breast cancer survivors.

The two U-M studies and the researchers involved are:

Mark Chesler, Ph.D., professor, sociology and his co-investigator, Bernadine Cimprich, Ph.D., R.N., director of behavioral oncology, U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center, received $205,000 to examine the psychosocial quality of life and related service needs of cancer survivors.

Anne Schott, M.D., medical oncologist, U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center and lecturer, internal medicine, received $95,000 to study the evaluation, prevention and treatment of lymphedema due to breast cancer treatment.

For additional details on the other NCI grants, please call the NCI Press Office, 301-496-6641


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