Arranging to have your blood work drawn the day PRIOR to chemotherapy will help reduce waiting time for results before treatment can begin.

Refer to MLabs Blood Draw Stations web pagegoing to a new website for locations and hours of operation.

On Treatment Day

This information is intended for the patients, friends and families of the U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center.

It has been created to answer many of the questions you may have about your treatment, how to prepare and what it will be like. It also contains suggestions about caring for yourself during treatment.
Where will I receive my treatment at the Cancer Center?

The infusion room staff will decide which of the infusion areas is best suited for your type of treatment. Patients are scheduled to arrive at the Cancer Center for most appointments, but may be transported to the Med INN infusion area for treatment.

Where is chemotherapy given?

Infusion chemotherapy is given in 3 infusion areas within the medical center, on the inpatient units and at the U-M Canton satellite clinic. The 3 areas within the medical center include:

1. The infusion areas in the Cancer Center building, (Level B2 / Ground Floor and Level B1 of the Cancer Center).

2. The infusion area in the Med INN building, (Level 4 of the Med INN)

3. The infusion room on the Adult Bone Marrow Transplant infusion area in the Children's & Women's Hospital, (Floor 7 in the Children's & Women's Hospital).

The Cancer Center Infusion Area at Canton is located in the Canton Health Center. This is a satellite clinic within the University of Michigan Health System. It is located east of 1-275 and west of 1-94. Get hours, maps and directions to the Canton Health Centergoing to a new website.

Specially trained and chemotherapy certified nurses administer treatments and care for patients receiving treatment in each infusion area.

[see Directions to the Centers]

Where do I park?

Cancer Center Infusion Area AND Med INN Infusion Area:
Park in the cancer center parking lot, which is labeled "Lot P1". [see Directions to the Centers]

Infusion at Canton Center
Enter the parking lot from Saltz Road. Follow the signs to infusion, park near the main entrance to the building. There is no charge for parking at this center.

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Where Do I Report and "Check-IN"?

Cancer Center Infusion Area:
Enter the building on the ground or B2 level. The infusion area is one floor up, Level B1 at reception area A.

If you are having blood drawn before your treatment, you should proceed to the blood drawing area on level B2. Once the blood is drawn, go up one level to B1 and check-in at reception area A.

If you have a doctor's appointment on the same day as treatment, you should check-in at your doctor's clinic first. Once your doctor appointment is completed, proceed to infusion check-in at reception area A. Have your blue registration card ready and sign in at the check-in desk.

[see Directions to the Centers]

Adult Bone Marrow Transplant Infusion Room at Children's & Women's Hospital:
Park in the Children's & Women's Hospital parking structure labeled "P4". Remember to bring your stub for validation. Please visit the Adult Bone Marrow Transplant Clinic mapgoing to a new website, which allows you to generate personalized driving directions.

Med Inn Infusion Area:
Enter the Cancer Center building on level "B2" or the ground level. Take the elevator up to Level B1 and check in at Reception area A. They will direct you to the Med Inn Infusion area.

Infusion at Canton Center:
Please visit and refer to the Canton Health Center mapgoing to a new website for personalized driving directions. The Canton Center Clinics are located in Canton, Michigan at the intersection of Canton Center and Saltz Roads. Enter the complex from Saltz Road, park in the designated area and proceed through the main entrance doors. There is an information desk and staff directly in front of you as you enter the building. They will check you in for your appointment.

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What happens during the infusion treatment?

Chemotherapy treatment is a complex process. Your treatment will begin with your doctor, who will evaluate your medical status and determine if treatment is possible. This often happens the same day as your scheduled treatment and requires blood work. Once your doctor approves treatment, orders for the chemotherapy and supportive care are sent to the pharmacy for preparation.

The chemotherapy preparation process can take several hours. During this time you may take a pager from the infusion check-in staff and move around the health center. The infusion staff will page you when your chemotherapy is prepared.

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