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Sarcoma: Resources

There are a number of resources available to support those diagnosed with sarcoma

For more information: Sarcoma Awareness - a collection of press releases and links to other web pages on the Cancer Center website pertaining to sarcoma.

Sarcoma Information Guide [pdf]
provides lists of resources, from books and video, to web sites and newsletters.

On-Line Discussion Groups:

Sarcomagoing to an new website is the e-mail discussion group for sarcoma patients and families, hosted by the Association of Cancer Online Resourcesgoing to an new website (ACOR).

Patient Support Organizations

Sarcoma Alliancegoing to an new website
Tel. 415-381-7236

The Life Raft Groupgoing to an new website (for GIST patients)
Tel. 973-837-9092

During Cancer Treatment - part of "For Cancer Center Patients" web area of the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center's website; this focuses on the many support services offered to our patients while they are receiving treatment.

More information about sarcoma from our blog mCancerTalk

Sarcomas: a whole family of cancersgoing to a new website

Sarcoma: Seeking Care for a Rare Cancergoing to a new website

Understanding Childhood Cancers and How Genetics Could be Involvedgoing to a new website

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