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Prevention & Screening: Pre-Cancerous Conditions

"Pre-cancerous cells" appear abnormal under a microscope and can, if left untreated, develop into cancer. This is also called carcinoma in situ.

One of the most common and trustworthy tests used to detect precancerous and cancerous gynecologic conditions is the Pap Test. Removal of the abnormal cells prevents cervical cancer. Pap tests can also find cervical cancer early, when the chance of being cured is very high.

If you have had an abnormal pap test

First, talk to your healthcare provider. Sometimes, their recommendation will be to wait a period of time and have another Pap test before taking any other action. If the recommendation is to seek some form of treatment.

If you have:

Please visit our Colposcopy Clinic's webpage.

If you have:

Please visit the Multidiscipinary Gynecologic Oncology Clinic's webpage.

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